1. Algorithm for Interpreting Spirometry Results. [view]
  2. Asthma and COPD: Physiologic Differences [view]
  3. Hospitalized Patients, Moderate to Very Severe COPD
    (Without Risk of P aeruginosa) [view]
  4. Outpatient Therapy for Exacerbation in Mild COPD [view]
  5. Patient Resources for smoking cessation. [view]
  6. Pharmacological Management of Smoking Cessation. [view]
  7. Response to Pharmacologic Therapies [view]
  8. Spirometry: how to take a lung function test. [view]
    European Lung Foundation available on YouTube
  9. Stepwise Pharmacologic Treatment in COPD. [view]
  10. 5A's Method for Smoking Cessation Counseling. [view]


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