PennCME/BestPractice believes an empowered patient is the most important member of the health care team. Without patient commitment to his/her own health goals, the best intentions of physicians and staff are jeopardized.

The Patient Family Resource is designed to empower patients to be effective and responsible members of the health care team. Physicians can introduces their patients with chronic disease or high health risks to the Center for education, knowledge testing and development of an action plan for improved health.
  • Educational resources and tools offered within the site include:
  • Links to evidence-based educational resources that encourage patients to learn more about specific diseases, their diagnosis, treatment and prevention
  • Strategies to evaluate on-line literature and research
  • Simplified definitions of health care terminology
  • ·Strategies for scheduling, organizing and preparing for physician visits
  • Tools to improve medication adherence
  • Patient I-Seek
Over time, educational modules will be constructed in which the patient can take a short knowledge test, and if achieving a passing grade, will receive a certificate of accomplishment.

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