Living with a chronic disease is never easy

Sometimes the symptoms are very apparent. You feel pain, gain weight, lose weight, feel weak and tired, have trouble with your balance, feel angry or depressed … the list could go on and on. As a partner with your physician and team in your care, you can learn how to reduce or eliminate these symptoms, or at the very least, live with them and still be able to enjoy life.

Sometimes the symptoms of chronic disease are not very apparent. Diseases such as hypertension and some forms of heart disease are often known as “silent killers” because patients are unaware of very high blood pressure, for example, that might lead to a stroke. As a partner with your physician and team in your care, you can learn how to be aware of dangers signs, if any, and how to prevent these diseases from shortening your life or reducing your activities of daily living.

In PennCME/BestPractice, you will find complete reviews of several major chronic diseases that provides up to date, evidence-based information so that you can be a better informed member of your care team. Other topics will be continued to be offered on this site. PLUS you can search for answers to any specific questions about your health, your symptoms, your treatment, or whatever by using one or both of the instant search engines that appear at the right of each page.

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