How to Become a Partner in Your Care

Patient-physician partnership is a new approach to health care in which you, the patient, are an active participant in your health and decision making. It recognizes that good health care is a two way street. Physicians bring their education and training to help you, but no one knows your body better than you do. 

To help you become a partner in your care, here are five steps to follow.

1. Assess your health status
2. Set personal health goals and priorities
3. Improve your knowledge about your priority health areas
4. Develop a plan with your health care team to set goals and action plans to improve your health– and monitor your progress
5. Visit disease-based resources that are available on this site
Yes, this will take work on your part, sharing your assessment and priorities with your doctor, and cooperation from your health care team. But the results can be significant in your ability to live longer and healthier!

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