Resources to help you live healthier and longer

Heart Health.
The American Heart Association has two charts you can download and print to help you track your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Bring and share them with your health care team at your regular medical appointments.
Healthy Weight – It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Physical Activity and Diet Planners
Activity Log External Link
Keep a record of your physical activities and track your progress.
Activity Tracker
Use this tool to set your physical activity goals, enter and track your progress, and earn a certificate for reaching your goals.
Daily Food and Activity Diary
Write down your diet and exercise goals in this daily diary.
ShapeUpAmerica! Fitness Center External Link
Are you ready for physical activity? Assess your activity and fitness levels and find an activity program that’s right for you.
Analyze My Plate
Use this interactive tool to examine what you eat. Create healthy meals by including a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
Assess Your Food Intake
Find out if you are eating a healthy diet and get related nutrition information.
Cyberkitchen External Link
This online guide will show you how to balance the food you eat with physical activity so that you can stay at a healthy weight.
Interactive Menu Planner
Use this tool to plan your meal choices based on the total number of calories you need in one day.
Get quick access to information on food groups, calories, and helpful food comparisons.
MyPyramid Menu Planner
Set goals and select healthy menu choices for you and your family.
MyPyramid Plan for Moms
When pregnant or breastfeeding, find out what foods and amounts are right for you.
Nutrition Information for Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Fish
Plan healthy meals with nutrition information for frequently consumed raw fruits, vegetables, and fish.
Portion Distortion
This guide will help you learn about the difference between portions and servings.
Recipe Finder
Search for recipes to include healthy fruits and vegetables in your meals.
Recipe Re-Mix
Use this interactive tool to find ways to make the meals you already cook at home healthier.


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