PennCME/BestPractice provides a variety of useful resources and tools to engage and empower patients in their own self-care. Click on the following links for more information:

  • Patient Assessment of Care for Chronic Conditions [document]
  • Supporting Patient Engagement in the Patient-Centered Medical Home[download PDF]
  • Transforming the Patient Experience is a series of videos produced by in which four patients share stories about how they became active participants in their medical decisions
  • A simple online test can help patients define their current health problems and needs and share results with the team [Link]
  • A Problem Solving Worksheet to help patients set goals and tackle their health problems is available from the AAFP’s Family Practice Management (FPM) [link to article]

Take advantage of FREE Patient Education Material available from national health associations. Many offer free or low-cost booklets and brochures to help patients stay healthy or better manage their chronic diseases. Visit these websites and get started today!

The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association has a wide range of practice tools and information resources to help you educate your patients and their families about their conditions, treatment, and care. Topics cover risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke, risk assessment, warning signs, conditions, procedures, and care. Some topics are available in Spanish. nbsp;[link]

The National Cancer Institute offers an extensive collection of free publications on cancer prevention, treatment, clinical trials, and survivorship. Orders for up to 20 items are shipped at no charge; bulk orders of greater than 20 items incur shipping and handling charges. [link]

National Diabetes Education Program has an extensive collection of publications available to those who have diabetes, those at risk for the disease, and those who care for them. Visit the website to review the categories and formatting options. [link]

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute offers online resources, fact sheets, and publications on asthma and COPD. You can download material for free and order print publications for a small fee. [link]

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) offers a comprehensive array of free patient education materials. Publications can be placed online for any booklets NIMH has in stock or downloaded as a PDF. Categories include anxiety, depression, autism, and eating disorders.  Spanish translations are also available for some NIMH booklets. [link]

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